Release notes

Release notes – All breaking changes and other noteworthy things.

pymssql 2.0.0

This is a new major version of pymssql. It is totally rewritten from scratch in Cython. Our goals for this version were to:

  • Provide support for Python 3.0 and newer,
  • Implement support for stored procedures,
  • Rewrite DB-API compilant pymssql module in C (actually in Cython) for increased performance,
  • Clean up the module API and the code.

That’s why we decided to bump major version number. Unfortunately new version introduces incompatible changes in API. Existing scripts may not work with it, and you’ll have to audit them. If you care about compatibility, just continue using pymssql 1.0.x and slowly move to 2.0.

Project hosting has also changed. Now pymssql is developed on GitHub:

Credits for the release go to:

  • Marc Abramowitz <msabramo_at_gmail_com> who joined the project in Jan 2013 and is responsible for the actual release of the 2.0 version by fixing many old tickets, coding the port to Python 3 and driving the migration to Git and GitHub.
  • Randy Syring who converted the repository to Mercurial, extended tests and ported them to nose, enhanced the code in several fronts like multi-platform (compilers, OSes) compatibility, error handling, support of new data types, SQLAlchemy compatibility and expanded the documentation.
  • Damien Churchill <damoxc_at_gmail_com> who set the foundations of the new Cython-based code base, release engineering, new site features like Sphinx, SimpleJSON and others,
  • Andrzej Kukuła <akukula_at_gmail_com> who did all the docs, site migration, and other boring but necessary stuff.
  • Jooncheol Park <jooncheol_at_gmail_com> who did develop the initial version of pymssql (until 0.5.2). Now just doing boring translation docs for Korean.

pymssql module

  • Rewritten from scratch in C, you should observe even better performance than before
  • dsn parameter to pymssql.connect() has been removed
  • host parameter to pymssql.connect() has been renamed to server to be consistent with _mssql module
  • max_conn parameter to pymssql.connect() has been removed

Connection class

Cursor class

_mssql module

  • Added native support for stored procedures (MSSQLStoredProcedure class)
  • maxconn parameter to _mssql.connect() has been removed
  • timeout and login_timeout parameter to _mssql.connect() has been added
  • get_max_connections() and set_max_connections() module-level methods have been added
  • Class names have changed:
Old Name New name
MssqlException MSSQLException
MssqlDriverException MSSQLDriverException
MssqlDatabaseException MSSQLDatabaseException
MssqlRowIterator MSSQLRowIterator
MssqlConnection MSSQLConnection

MSSQLConnection class